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Membership & Billing

What company will I be billed by?

To protect your privacy, charges will be processed securely and will appear discreetly as ZubbHelp and/or 9178-7796 Quebec Inc. on your credit card statement.

How to contact your billing company

Our designated E-ticket Suppliers and Access Management Providers for this site are TRUSTCHARGE, CCBILL and VEROTEL. When you join, you will receive a confirmation email from StockBar stating your biller ID and the company that will be billing you. Below is their contact information:


Web: http://zubbhelp.com/
Email: support@zubbhelp.com
Phone: 1-877-711-7334


Web: http://www.ccbill.com/customer-service.html
Email: consumersupport@ccbill.com
Phone: 1-888-596-9279


Cancellation: Cancel your membership to StockBar.com


To unsubscribe from StockBarFlixx.com
Web: http://zubbcare.com/
Email: support@zubbcare.com
Phone: 1-877-711-7334